Top 5 Upcoming IPOs in 2023

Initial public offer of excellent companies with strong management and financial track record finds several buyers in the significant market resulting in the maximum subscription. The more demand for the IPO shares is excellent for those looking for listing day gains and long-term bets. The past few years have been amazing for initial public offerings in India. Keeping in mind the uptrend in the stock market and the vast number of companies going public, this movement would be visible in 2023 also.

Some Basics You Need To Know About IPO Offering:

The initial public offering is mainly a process in which the private limited company will turn to the public and sell its optimum shares to the general public. The company will raise funds through the procedure to fulfill different commitments like debt repayment acquisitions working capital requirements, and other elements. An investor can easily apply for the initial public offering Online through a stockbroker or a bank.

Here is the list of upcoming IPOs in 2023 if you’re looking forward to experimenting with the stock market sector and are considering investing in the latest IPO. The initial offerings will hit the pretty market soul, and the tentative dates are mentioned here.

List of Top 5 upcoming IPOs in 2023:-

Company NameIssue Size in Rs. Crores (Tentative)IPO Date
OLA7,000 – 8,0002023
ByjusUpdate Soon2023
SwiggyUpdate Soon2023
BoAtUpdate Soon2023
OYO Rooms7,000 +2023

1 Ola:

ola upcoming ipo 2023

Ola cabs started its journey in 2010. Even though Ola cabs are known for its ride-sharing services today, it has diversified in other sectors, like cloud kitchens, car leasing, used car marketplace, and others. Additionally, you need to know that Ola cabs work in India and other parts of the world, like New Zealand, Australia, and the UK. All of these services started in 2018 or 19. Ola cabs IPO is all set for the financial year 2023 after recording its great operating profit in 2021.

Ola cabs IPO size is around 7000 to 11,000 crores. The new issue and offer for sale are to be announced soon. Ola cabs IPO date is in 2023. Recently Ola bagged funding of $20,000,000 capital from semantic capital. It is backed by notable investors, including SoftBank axis asset management company and others.

2 Byjus:

One of the most famous names on the startup IPO list is Byjus. The company was established in 2011 and is in an online ed-tech platform that operates in different companies globally. Most people believe that the company stands out in the Indian ed-tech space Because of its fantastic ability to blend contemporary interactive coaching methods with customized learning. The new issue size offer for sale on the IPO date is to be announced.

3 Swiggy:

Swiggy is one of the most prominent online delivery platforms, established in 2014. The startup is eight years old, and it operates in 500 cities. Swiggy’s biggest competitor Zomato went live in 2021 after raising 9375 crores. You can expect this to be a double-edged sword for Swiggy as the Zomato IPO had raised considerable money, but it did not Last Post IPO. Experts say that IPO might hit the Indian market in the late financial year 2023 or early 2024 with an issue size of 7580 crores.

4 BoAt:

Upcomming Boat Ipo Details 2023

The parent company, imagine marketing limited, is set to come up with a boat IPO of ₹2000 crores. It includes a new offer of 900 crores equity shares, and the request for sale will account for rupees 1100 crores. Additionally, the companies are looking forward to raising around 80,00,00,000 through the pre-IPO placement. So the company is looking forward to getting approval from SEBI.

OYO Rooms

OYO Rooms IPO Details

Travel stays started in 2012, and it was rebranded as OYO hotels. It is one of the most prominent Indian startups. It entered India’s hospitality segment with unique ideas that look forward to providing a comfortable and better experience an all the guests. Dissidia of introducing the hotel chain came to life after Ritesh Agarwal’s founder, OYO, decided to bring these hotels as he noticed the absence of good quality budget hotels across India. With the idea of bringing standardization, he started these hotels.

The company received funding money from different venture capitals following the debut. The company has garnered more than 4.1 billion dollars in 21 major funding rounds till 2021. In the past ten years, OYO has extended its operations beyond India because it has hotels in Japan, South East Asia, USA Europe, and its presence in India has grown multifold. The public issue is most likely to be worth 8430 crores. This will include the offer for sale of around 1430 crores and a new equity shares sale of 7000 crores. Some details of the public issue, like the price band and market lot and likes, have yet to be made to the public to date.

How to apply for IPOs?

  • Firstly you have to log in to your online account with your share broker. You need to register with your email and phone number and create the account if you do not have an online account.
  • Then you have to locate the IPO tap and go to the current IPO location. You must choose the IPO name from the recent IPO list and enter your lot size on the number of stocks you want to bid on. Edison is also after the breed price. If you want to increase the chances of IPO allotment, you have to prefer building at the cut-offcut-off or maximum price.
  • You must type your UPI ID in the next stage and hit the submit button. You need to approve the transaction on the app, and the respective exchange will support the bid.
  • You Have to wait for the compulsory notification in the UPI app, and the application money will be blocked until the allotment date of that IPO.

The initial public offering is one of the best ways to grow the investor’s capital. If you are an investor, you must invest in the IPO during the subscription timeline and wait for the IPO listing. If the listing appears at a premium, it will make profits and vice versa.


How to track upcoming IPOs?

You can keep a tab on the upcoming IPOs by visiting the different websites for exchanges, including BSE NSE. You can also choose Google News, Yahoo Finance, and other online websites to keep a tab on the upcoming IPOs.

How to know about upcoming IPO?

If you want to know about the upcoming IPO, you can read the News Online or subscribe to the newsletters of different exchanges to get an idea about the upcoming IPO.

How to find the upcoming IPOs?

You can easily find the upcoming IPO by connecting with your broker, or you can download the app of this Stock Exchange that you are following. This will help you keep a tab on the upcoming IPOs, and you can also invest in them on time.

Is there any upcoming IPO?

There are currently several upcoming IPOs, and you can choose any IPO that fits your timeline and budget. The list is given above. You can check out the date and the year of the IPO rolling out.

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